We offer printing on fabrics (made of natural and chemical fibers) and on all types of knitted fabrics (double, jacquard, Milan, ribbed, single and dense weave). Professional printing is done on knitted fabrics, fabrics: bedding, curtains, single and double-bearing fabrics, georgette, dormitory, counter, turtleneck, jewelry, Lycra, cotton with Lycra, acrylic, satin and many others, e.g .:

water paints,
printing pastes,
swelling pastes and paints,

All pigments and paint mixing agents used in the printing process are certified. This is the oeko-tex standard 100. Very important: the ingredients used are environmentally friendly.

Our offer is unique. This offer includes: printing on knitted fabrics and fabrics up to 8 colors. We have our own graphic studio.

Picture: printing examples from our pattern collection.